Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth

Buying your first inflatable paint booth can be an intimidating process. If you’ve never purchased an inflatable before, there are many things to consider when buying a Paint Booth. Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth is one of the most popular inflatable paint booths out there.

It is suitable for any full size car, truck or SUV. The booth offer excellent protection to your vehicles during painting or spraying.

A Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth is an inflatable paint booth that includes several features that make it easier when painting and / or refinishing your car, truck or SUV. You will be able to control the environment of the booth.

These booths are relatively less expensive than similar Inflatable Paint Booths of comparable size. Here are some Happybuy inflatable paint booths available on Amazon.

Why Buy Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth?

Here are some of the most important factors to consider before making your purchasing decision.

Varity of Size Options

You have the option to choose from many different sizes when you are looking at Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth. The inflated size of the portable paint booths are:

Making sure you get the right size is an important step when making your purchase decision. If the booth is too big, you’re wasting money by buying extra space that’s not being put to good use. If it is too small than it will be a waste of money.

The smaller size booth is suitable for most motorcycles, bikes, small-sized cars, auto parts, and tables and the large one for SUV.

Oxford Fabric and PVC Body

The booth body is made of strong and durable 210D Oxford Fabric with PU coating and 0.45 mm PVC material.

The material is moisture-proof, fire-resistant and durable also acts as sun-screen. This inflatable tubes are made from tough durable material increases the longevity of the paint booth.

Efficient Air Filtration System

Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth 39.4x16.4x13ft with 2 Blowers Inflatable Spray Booth with Filter System Portable Car Paint Booth for Car Parking Tent Workstation

This paint booth is able to provide a clean and controlled environment in which you can refinish your car, truck or SUV.

It is equipped with filter cotton window that sit at the two sides of the booth. The filtration system will keep your painted surfaces clean. During painting the enclosed and dust-proof work space will ensure that you achieve a high-quality job at the end of the day. The paint smell will still be contained within.

The activated carbon filter ensures upper or lower convection ventilation to give a better painting effect and better air circulation and a clean working environment.

Supper Large Booth for Wide Application

The 2 blowers inflatable spray booth is utilized for polishing cars and spray paint booths and retractable garages, among others.

Booth also works great in applications such as:

  • Retractable garage,
  • Painting and refinishing large products,
  • Outdoor exercise,
  • Outdoor camping and tourism,
  • Medical aid,
  • Small and medium-sized trading exhibitions,
  • Entertainment, leisure and recreation

Powerful Air Blowers

Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth 39.4x16.4x13ft with 2 Blowers Inflatable Spray Booth with Filter System Portable Car Paint Booth for Car Parking Tent Workstation

2 High-power blowers are included with every booth. The inflation blower power is the same for all the models. The ventilation blower power varies with the size of the booth. The power ranges from 750W, 950W to 1100W, The 750W blower for the 13x8x7 ft, 20x10x8.2 ft and 23x13x8 ft model. The 950W blower for 26x13x10 ft and 26x15x10 ft model. And 1100W blower for 33×16.4×11.5 ft model.

Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth

D-rings are fixed to the body of the booth in order to ensure that the booth is stable when used.

Detailed Design

Doors are built on both sides of the booth to make it easier for you to get in and out. There are hoops for mounting on the top of the booth to hang the lights needed for your night time work.

The booth includes double-sided zipper door, which allows you to easily install the booth. The double-sided zipper is used to allow for a more convenient passage on both sides can be achieved. The door can be folded back and fixed using buckles.


Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth is priced fairly considering all of its features. Of course that varies with the size of the booth – the larger the booth the higher the price. These affordable inflatable paint booths offer lots of features to justify the price.


If you are looking for an Inflatable Paint Booth, Happybuy is one of the best choice. This paint booth has been selected as an affordable solution that can give you all the features you need without having to spend a lot.

Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth 39.4x16.4x13ft


Easy to Assemble


Easy to Maintain




User Experience







  • Portable paint booths
  • Variety of sizes to choose from
  • Material used is strong and durable
  • Wide range of use
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Doors at both ends


  • Filters aren’t replaceable
  • Not fully waterproof
  • No exhaust fan
  • Pricy
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