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Best Inflatable Paint Booth Reviews – Painting Silo

Best Inflatable Paint Booth Reviews

Inflatable paint booths are removable structures that help you contain overspray and protect whatever you are painting from unwanted contamination. They provide a similar high-quality finish to traditional paint booths, but they’re also portable and therefore easier to make use of.

Inflatable paint spray booths provide utility, value, and versatility since they can be used for painting. Also, as temporary structures in emergencies in the medical field or as exhibition stands at trade exhibitions.

Knowing what size you need is very important. Bigger ones cost more and the smaller ones cost less. If you do not plan to paint cars or any other large objects, don’t waste money on the big booth just because it has more room to maneuver. Maintaining a large inflatable structure is a big headache. It takes lots of time and effort. So, choose wisely.

9 Best Inflatable Paint Booth in the Market 

Happybuy Inflatable
Paint Booth

Sewinfla Inflatable
Paint Booth

Paint Booth

Orient Inflatable
Paint Booth

TKLoop Inflatable
Paint Booth

VEVOR Inflatable
Paint Booth

LuckyWe Inflatable
Paint Booth

OZIS Inflatable Spray
Paint Booth

Paint Booth

Best Inflatable Spray Booth Reviewed in Summary

Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth

Happybuy Inflatable Paint Booth comes in 7 different sizes. The smallest booth is 13x8x7 feet, all the way up to 39×16.4x 13 feet.

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It has doors at both ends. The booth has mounting hoops on the top to hang lights. Comes with 2 high-power blowers – one for inflation and the other for ventilation.

The booths are made of 210D Oxford fabric coated with PU, and 0.45 millimeter PVC material. The material is waterproof and provides sunscreen. It is also flame-resistant and wearable. The double-sided zippers are used to ensure that it’s easy to move from both sides.

The paint booth features filters made of cotton on both sides for the complete dust proofing of the working area.

The spray booth can be used for polishing cars as well as spray paint booths and retractable garages, among others. It could also be used for outdoor exercise and camping as well as tourism, medical aid small and medium-sized trading exhibitions as well as entertainment, leisure, and recreation. Read the full review…

Sewinfla Professional Inflatable Paint Booth

You can choose from 14 different sizes of Sewinfla Inflatable Paint Booth from a small 12.5×11.2×11.2 feet booth to the supersize 56x25x20 feet. The small one is not large enough for a car. If you want to paint a car you will have to choose the 23x13x8.5 feet or the bigger model.

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The supersized model is suitable for super long, super high, super-wide large vehicles or special vehicles, such as trucks, buses, school buses, fire engines, rescue vehicles, or super large equipment.

The booths have 2 front & back convenient doors for painters. Comes with mounting hoops where you can hang lights. There is an isolated tool room for your convenience.

The different sized booths come with different numbers of blowers. The power of the blowers also varies with the size. For example, the largest model comes with 8 1500W blowers, and the smallest one comes with a 450W and a 750 W blower. Read the full review here…

The booths are made of 210D Oxford fabric coated with PU, and PVC material. The PU coatings used in making this booth make it more durable. The material is waterproof and provides sunscreen. It is also flame-resistant. The double-sided zippers are used to ensure that it’s easy to move from both sides.

GORILLASPRO Inflatable Paint Booth

There are 4 sizes to choose from for the Gorillaspro Inflatable Paint Booth. The smallest one is 13x10x8 feet and the largest one is 26x15x10 feet. The smaller 2 models are not large enough for cars, but you can fit cars in the larger 2 models. Read the full review here…

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The booth uses an advanced air filtration system, which improves the speed of replacing air. Filter Windows at both ends help to absorb the odors and paint produced in the course of work.

It has 2 doors conveniently placed at the two ends of the booth. There is an isolated tool room for your convenience. Comes with mounting hoops where you can hang lights.

White, high-end Oxford cloth offers booth a brighter space so that you can clearly see the fine details of the paint job. Double seam sewing, metal pull ring, as well as bottom thickening PVC are used to ensure the booth is stronger and extend its life of the booth.

The smaller 3 models come with a single blower and the largest model comes with 2 blowers. The power of the blowers varies with the size.

Orient Inflatable Paint Booth

Orient offers 9 different sizes of paint booths to choose from. The smallest one is 13x10x8 feet and the largest is 39x18x15 feet. The paint booth inflatable is equipped with replaceable filters and two powerful blowers which are ideal for ventilation to get rid of the odor and the smell of paint.

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It has 2 doors conveniently placed at the two ends of the booth. There is an isolated tool room for your convenience. Comes with mounting hoops where you can hang lights.

Based on the 210D 0.4mm Oxford cloth, the manufacturer added the PU silver layer on the booth’s surface. The fabric’s thickness improves the endurance and durability of the booth. Bright working conditions are important for painting, so this coating increases the luminosity of the surface and helps to brighten the area you work in.

All the models come with 2 blowers of different power depending on the size of the booth. Read the full review here…

TKLoop Dirt-Resistant Inflatable Paint Booth

The TKLoop offers 5 different models of different sizes. The smallest one is 16.5x10x9 feet and the largest is 33×16.5×11.5 feet.

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The booths are made of dirt-resistant and durable 210D Oxford fabric and PU coating. The bottom of the column is constructed of thickened PVC material to provide better wear resistance. Double-stitch is used in the booth to extend the service life of the paint booth.

Each booth has 2 doors conveniently placed at the two ends of the booth. There is an isolated tool room for your convenience. Comes with mounting hoops where you can hang lights.

All the models come with 2 blowers of different power depending on the size of the booth. Read the full review here…

VEVOR Inflatable Paint Booth

There are only one size available 26x15x10 feet.

Booth body is made of professional 0.45mm PVC material, and the inflatable pipes are made of 0.6mm PVC material. The product is made of PVC that is water-proof, sun-proof, weather-resistant and wearable, and moisture-proof which prolongs its service life.

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Each booth has 2 doors conveniently placed at the two ends. There is an isolated tool room for your convenience. Comes with mounting hoops where you can hang lights.

The booth comes with one 350W blower and two 500W air pumps. The air pumps provided a clean and refreshing working environment all the time. Read the full review here…

LuckyWe Inflatable Paint Booth

This booth also comes in only one size 13x10x8 feet. Inner space may be too cramped to paint a car but you can comfortably paint oversized automobile parts.

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The booth body is made of thickened PVC material and high-quality PU-coated 210D silver oxford fabric.

The booth has 2 doors conveniently placed at the two ends. There is an isolation room for your convenience. The space for isolation can be used to change clothing, storage of tools, and air filtering.

The booth comes with two 450W blowers. They blow up the booth and provide a clean and refreshing working environment all the time. Read the full review here…

OZIS Inflatable Spray Paint Booth

OZIS offers 4 different sizes of their inflatable spray booth.  The smallest one is 25x13x9 feet and the largest one is 36x20x 13 feet.

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The body is made of high-quality PVC  and silver Oxford cloth with double-needle to strengthen the sewing. As opposed to the traditional materials, this one has the appearance of silver-coated. It increases the shine and durability of the booth, more stylish and resistant to stain.

The booth is sewn outside the air column. It is equipped with a tool room, making it easy to store your tools and change clothes for work.

It has large filter windows. The multi-layer filter can effectively remove dust paint particles, paint dust, and the distinctive scents that are generated while painting, thereby creating the best air quality.

All the models come with 2 blowers of different power depending on the size of the booth. Read the full review here…

GORILLASPRO Inflatable Paint Booth – Tent

This GORILLASPRO inflatable paint tent comes in one size with 2 options – one with 2 blowers and the other with only one blower. The size of the booth is the same, which is 26x15x11 feet.

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The back and front doors can be ventilated or closed. It is great at keeping dust away when both doors are closed and the ventilator blower is running.

The booth is equipped with special hanging buckles that hang LED lamps on a belt. The power line outlet on the side makes it easy to connect the power.

The one-blower booth comes with a 1100W high-power blower that is able to effectively perform the tasks of filtration and inflation. The two-blower booth comes with a 450W blower which is used for filtering and the 950W blower is used for inflating the booth.

Read the full review here…

How Does Inflatable Spray Booth Work?

The inflatable spray booths provide a clean, dust-free space to reduce the amount of fumes released as you paint your vehicle. When used properly, it can dramatically enhance its quality finish and will reduce the quantity of gasses and paint particles in the air.

Inflatable spray booths are often completely airtight, and some include a HEPA filter to eliminate any dust particles from escaping. All you need is the power cord plugged in, an extension cord for the convenience of painting at different locations, and then just set it up on your desired location.

Benefits of Having Inflatable Spray Booths

If you use spray paint, it is very important you do not spill on furniture around your house or the area you are working. Spray booths are portable, easy to store, and cost-effective. And you can use them for many different purposes.


The primary purpose of an inflatable spray booth has to be, of course, portability, besides containing the spray paint. They are easy to carry around and you can take them with you anywhere.

They’re very quick and easy to set up without requiring a whole lot of time and effort.


Instead of renting space each time you want to complete a task or work on a painting project, you can purchase an inflatable booth and then transform it into a working space. It can save you money over the long term.

Inflatable booths are also very affordable as compared to their traditional counterparts, which is a great plus point.


It can help keep your paint job neat and clean. It’s also less of an expense than constructing a permanent or semi-permanent enclosure for painting purposes. They come in a variety of colors to meet your different needs.

Easy to Store

Most hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts are not going to paint many cars in a year. A portable paint booth allows you to use the space to paint during the brief time you’re doing body painting. 

They fold up small enough to fit in a closet or even under the bed, and they can be moved around to wherever you want them. They’re also very lightweight for their size so that most people will find it easy to carry one from place to place.

What to look for in an inflatable booth?

One of the main benefits of an inflatable paint spray booth is that they serve as a workspace to spray paint on cars. Therefore, the booth must be spacious enough to move about and paint cars.

Internal lighting, ventilation, exhaust filters, soundproofing, etc., are also essential to have.

The number of blowers and the strength of the blowers is also very important.


The blower must be strong enough so that the inflation time is short. The blowers must be strong enough to set up the booth quickly. The power of the blower depends on the size of the booth.

There should be two powerful blowers with every booth: one for filtration and the second for ventilation.

Filtration system and Ventilation

Filtration is a crucial part of spray paint within the paint booth. The filters inside a booth make sure that the air entering it is free of contaminants. It also protects the environment from damaging emissions.

Filters are also responsible for the air that exits and should not contain harmful chemicals. As a result, filters are accountable for both the workers’ health and safety and those outside of the booth. Filters also serve to keep high-quality paintwork and to keep the inside environment free from harmful substances.

For lasting, better results of your painting work, the maintenance of filters is essential. Unfortunately, after multiple uses, the filters are contaminated and lose their effectiveness. Most good inflatable booths have changeable filters. If the booth is used frequently, it’s recommended that filters be changed regularly. 

Failure to change the replaceable filters regularly may affect the quality of the paint. The dirty filters will not keep dust and other contaminants from getting inside.

If you’re buying a paint booth, make sure you check whether it comes with changeable filters or not. A portable paint booth that does not have the filters cleaned or changed won’t give satisfactory results over an extended time.

The filters are usually either HEPA or carbon filters. It is best to go for a booth with both types of filtration systems as they do not interfere with each other and work well together.

Internal lighting

Lighting should be very bright to allow you to see when spray-painting a car. There are also booths that have an internal light source which is ideal for use in dark conditions or indoors where there isn’t much natural lighting available.

Most booths have transparent walls to allow for natural light.

Accessibility and Exits

Depending on the size, the booth has two doors for easy accessibility. The is one large door for the vehicle to enter—one small convenient door for people to pass through. When the door is closed and the work starts, it is easier to get in and out through the small door.

The zipper with a double-sided zipper on the two doors conveniently placed both in the front and back allows people or vehicles with different heights to enter and leave the booth easily.

Water and dust resistance

The booth is typically located outdoors, which can lead to wear and tear. The movement of motor parts, heavy machinery, and vehicles can also put a strain on the material. So, make sure that the spray booth is made of rugged, durable, and wear-resistant material.

There are some products that allow water to leak through the stitching in the booth sprayer. To ensure it is wear-resistant and water-resistant, make sure that the booth is made of thick, durable PVC material and oxford fabric. Always look for the most durable material.

Use drop cloths on the floor so that you don’t puncture or accidentally leak the floor. Because if it leaks, the booth may have a problem with the filtration system.


Most big inflatable spray booths come with a separate tool room. The tool room is an additional space that can be used for storing paint, tools, and other equipment required to paint the car.

One of the air blowers is connected to the toolroom. The air from the toolroom passes through an air filter to the booth.

This room can be accessed from both inside and outside the booth through two separate zipper doors.


The size of the booth is very crucial. It should be large enough to contain a car, but at the same time, it mustn’t take up too much space in your garage or workplace.

The size of the inflatable paint spray booth should be proportional to the space you have available in your work area. They are generally large enough to accommodate big cars, but they can also be small enough if you want them in a garage or indoors; however, make sure there is enough working space inside.

There should be enough room to maneuver around the object while painting it.

Some brands have many different size options to choose from. In the smaller ones, you can paint crafts, car parts. The medium ones can accommodate motorcycles and cars. In the larger ones, you can paint pickups.

So be careful when selecting the booth of your choice. Also, make sure you have adequate space where you are going to set it up.

Durability and the Construct

You should consider the product’s durability and choose one that can last for a long time without wearing quickly. Take note of the fabric, and if you can, try to feel it to determine how durable it feels.

The fabric is the most crucial component in the structure of the booth. Most booths use high-quality thick oxford fabric cloth. The thickness of the oxford cloth enhances its durability.

High-quality and durable PVC materials are also used in the structure of the booth.

The structure’s fabric is sewed to each other. Therefore, sewing is an integral part of any painting booth that is portable. In addition, double sewed booths last longer than the ones sewed with a single needle. 

Keep an exhaust fan handy.

Most portable booths come with repair kits.

Any seams that are glued together must also hold up against wear for a long time. 

Ease of Setup

Just unpack and spread the booth on flat solid ground. Then, attach the two blowers to the booth and switch them on.

Set it up in a location where there is ample light so you can take advantage of the free natural light. Do not set it up near tree branches.

The blower has a built-in air filter to help keep the air clean and free of dust particles, paint fumes, etc.

As soon as you start using the booth, make sure that it is properly vented so that there’s enough airflow for an adequate filtration system. If your inflatable booths don’t have filters, they will need proper ventilation with at least one open side or front door, so fresh air can flow in from outside while work is being done inside the booth.

Do not set it up in the high wind or during light or heavy rain.

Rent or Buy An 

You can rent a paint booth if you are unsure whether it will fit your needs or if you do not have enough money to buy one. Or maybe you are only going to need it for a small project.

Renting the booth is more economical than buying one product that may be too big for your garage space or workshop. But it may not be available for rental.

If you’re starting a business from scratch and have an empty flat land you can buy an inflatable booth. Just set up the booth whenever you have a painting project and then take it down. It can be a part-time automotive paint booth or booth for trade shows.

Portable paint booths can be able to help you with a variety of issues you may face when renting it. They can also help you save the cost of renting it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Inflatable Paint Booths Legal?

Yes, they are legal. There are several safety codes given by Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 1926.66 – Criteria for design and construction of spray booths.

How to use an inflatable paint booth?

You can use it in a number of ways.

You can use it to paint your car inside the booth.

Use it for outdoor camping and exercise, medical rescue, tourism, small and medium-sized trading,

You can use it for small exhibition activities, leisure, and entertainment.

Will my car fit in a small or medium-sized portable spray booth?

Yes, it will. Most portable paint booths are large enough to accommodate a car or other oversized vehicles such as motorcycles and small boats. Some are large enough for pickups.

It also depends on the length of your vehicle.

How Does Inflatable Paint Booth Work?

The mobile paint booth is an airtight (almost airtight) controlled environment that can be used for painting a car. Once the booth is inflated with air, it becomes rigid and stable.

The paint booths have an opening on one side from where you enter inside the structure to start work with your spray gun or any painting equipment of choice. The other side has two doors as well as two small windows.

Only clean air is pumped inside the booth through a ventilation pump, and the air with paint overspray goes out through a filter on the sides of the booth.

Are inflatable paint booths good?

The booths function by providing a green and clean atmosphere to keep fumes at bay as you paint your vehicle. If properly used, they will significantly improve the paint finish quality and reduce the number of contaminants released into the atmosphere.

Inflatable Paint Booth Pros and Cons


  • It is portable – take it where the job is
  • Clean, uninterrupted, and controlled environment
  • Can be used for many purposes – mentioned above
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Ample working space
  • Store it in the corner when you are not using it – space saver


  • If the electricity goes off, the booth will deflate.
  • Filters clog rather easy
  • The clear windows do not stay clear for long
  • Temperature control may be an issue (too hot or too cold)

Final Words

When you have the inflatable paint booth, there’s no reason to worry about polluting air with harmful pollutants to the environment when you are working on your project.

You can work at any place using the booth. All you need is access to electricity and an area to set up your temporary shop.

They are also great for restoring old cars or bikes if space is not available in your garage. These booths provide a large volume of the workspace, so you don’t feel cramped.

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