MaxiMist Ultra Pro Review

Powered by 2-stage multi-speed turbine, MaxiMist Ultra Pro is designed for the professionals, high volume mobile tech or salons. The challenging environment of your salon when you’ve made a name for yourself; needs a dependable and high-performance machine.

The MaxiMist Ultra pro can be used more than 50 times a day, and it is made for heavy-duty usage. The cups are also bigger with this, 4-8 oz with screw top lids. The 2 stage variable speed turbine will handle all you can throw at it, and more! It also comes with MaxiMist pro series pray gun package.


  • HVLP dual-stage variable turbine
  • 47cfm airflow
  • Powerful 800-watt, Variable Speed 2-Stage Turbine
  • 12 ft EZ flex high temp low memory coil reinforced hose with quick connect
  • 4-8oz cups with screw top lids
  • Lightweight, Aircraft Grade Aluminum air cap and ring
  • Onboard spray gun storage
  • Duckbill valve to minimize clogs
  • Spare Parts Kit
  • On/Off control dial, Retractable Carry Handle
  • Whisper tech, Turbine as quiet as 72 db only
  • Ergonomic Cool grip handle
  • Detailed instruction manual
  • 50 + applications a day
  • 2-year motor warranty

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Fuji miniTAN™ Series and Fuji salonTAN™ Series are also powered by 2 stage turbine.  Read more click on the respective links: Fuji miniTAN™ Series and Fuji salonTAN™ Series. You have the option to use different types of guns with the Fuji systems

Both the Fuji units are UL & CSA certified Tanning machines, while MaxiMist units are not. The prices are very similar for both the brands. Both the company have excellent customer service.

For other tan machines, check out the Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine, which is very similar to the Norvell Sunless Kit Pro X550 model, and the Norvell Spray Tan Machine.

Maximist vs Fuji Spray Tan Machine

Maximist and Fuji both have different models of spray tan machines for low usage, medium usage, and all the way up to high usage. Low usage means 4-5 times daily, medium usage means 25 plus time and the high usage means 50 plus time applications per day. The respective product is designed base on the usages category.

Maximist has been there for a longer time in the tanning business than Fuji has been. But Fuji is a very well-known and respected HVLP spray machine manufacturing company. Their performances are very similar but there are a few differences in their high-end model.

MaxiMist Ultra Pro vs Fuji SalonTAN Series

Both are designed for high 50-plus applications per day. Both are powered by a high powered 2-stage turbine. Both come with a 2-year warranty and excellent customer service record.

Noise Level

But the Fuji SalonTAN one signification advantage over the Maximist Ultra one which is the Fuji machine’s noise level is 56 db while the Maximist machine’s noise level is 72 db. The lower the noise the better for a quiet salon environment. Fuji wins here.

Cup Capacity

The Fuji gravity-fed cup holds only about 3 oz of Tanning solution. The gun with the cup is very small and light making it very easy to maneuver. Your hand gets less tired over prolonged use. But you will need to refill a lot more during the day.

The Maximist siphon fed cup holds about 8 oz of Tanning solution. The cup is bigger than the Fuji one making it a little less maneuverable but you don’t have to refill that many times.

Product Overview

The MaxiMist Ultra Pro spray tanning system suited for professional spray tanners, those who know their craft and have to invest full-time in spray tanning. That is why, 50 + usage will be music to any professional’s ears, even with the heavy price tag.

Powerhouse Turbine

The turbine of the Ultra Pro is a powerhouse through and through, one of the best HVLP units on the market for high-end salon demands. It has 2 stage variable speed that can handle a serious professional mobile salon’s daily routine with ease. Variable speed control allows you to dial in the exact airflow you need to apply any tanning solution flawlessly. Get a full-body tan in under 5-6 minutes using only 2 oz solution.

The airflow is 47cfm, and the weight is only 25lbs. It can operate at 72 db only, making this beast a quiet one suited for a professional environment.

Gun & Spray Atomization

MaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume HVLP Spray Tanning SystemMaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume HVLP Spray Tanning SystemThe MaxiMist professional spray gun features corrosion resistive, lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum Aircap and ring. The needle and tip are made of stainless steel. The Duck Bill Valve minimizes clogs. What all these mean is that the gun runs smoothly with fewer interruptions and needs less maintenance.

The gun also features an ergonomic Cool Grip handle. The airflow passage of the gun is located through the top of the spray gun. What this does is, it eliminates heat buildup in the cool grip handle.

The Ultra Pro is a very well built machine, with attention to the smallest of detail. The correct tip and needle sizing allow better solution use and the soft 1.7 psi spray tip pressure allows overall great atomization. Direct Air Flow system provides unrestricted airflow to the Spray head, giving better atomization. There is no need for a separate gun for face and body, with the control and precision the MaxiMist Ultra Pro offers.

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

The MaxiMist products are always easy to maintain; because of their retractable and removable parts, spare parts kit, easy and quick connect hoses. The MaxiMist pro-gun can be attached to the EZ flex high temp low memory coil reinforced hose with quick connect, without any chance of blowback.

Complimentary Package

The MaxiMist products come with great complimentary packages, and the Ultra Pro has an even better package to offer. There are 3 replacement cups with lids and gaskets, extra solution pickup and airflow tube, nozzle gasket, needle spring, duckbill assembly, lube, cleaning brush, repair tools and many more!

MaxiMist Ultra Pro Packages

The following table contains details about 2 different models of Ultra Pro, one is Ultra Pro TNT and the other one is simply Ultra Pro. Although the names very similar, they are quite different. TNT turbine is encased in it’s carrying case. The guns, hose pipe everything is stored in the carrying case. At 53 db, It’s also quieter than most other turbines. The 570 Watt 2-stage turbine is not as powerful as the Ultra Pro model: 40 + uses a day (240 + uses a week).

MaxiMist Ultra Pro MaxiMist Ultra Pro with Black Popup Tent MaxiMist Pro TNT Spa Quiet Sunless
MaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume HVLP Spray Tanning System MaxiMist Ultra Pro High Volume Spray Tanning System with Black Popup Tent MaxiMist Pro TNT Spa Quiet Sunless Tanning System with FREE Suntana Premium Sunless Solutions
Maximist Professional Metal spray gun with 4 - 8 oz. cup Maximist Professional Metal spray gun with 4 - 8 oz. cup 3 TNT Spray Heads with 6.75oz cups
3 8oz Aussie Bronze tanning lotions 3 8oz Aussie Bronze tanning lotions 5 8oz Suntana Spray Tan Liquids
None Tanning Booth & Bag Carrying case
No Tent
72 db 72 db 62 db


The Ultra Pro series is designed for the true professionals. They are the perfect choice for the mobile tech or salon/spa that demands performance and unsurpassed dependability along with quiet operation.

MaxiMist Ultra Pro


Easy to Assemble


Easy to Maintain




User Experience







  • Heavy duty usage, 50 uses per day
  • Great performance and precision
  • Safety measures and fine detailing
  • Lightweight and corrosion resistive materials, no Brass parts
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great complimentary package


  • Quite pricey
  • Heavy turbine
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