Best Fire Ladders Review

Suppose it’s the middle of the night. You are sleeping comfortably in your two-story house. Suddenly a fire breaks down, and it spreads rapidly through your entire house. How would you save your family and children or even your pets? Wait, we don’t mean to scare you.

Unfortunately, these kinds of events happen from time to time. Especially in the commercial buildings where mechanical or other technical works are common. But not just the commercial tall buildings; even your two-story home needs a fire escape ladder.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Plus, fire escape ladders won’t cost you a fortune, instead, will save you some if something happens to you. These ladders are handy in times of other dangers too. Since many people do not know much about the fire escape ladders or where to find the best ones, this particular article will come in handy.

Following are some of the best fire escape ladders reviews, and at the end of the article, you will also find some basic information and tips on how to choose the right fire ladder for you:

8 Best Fire Ladders of 2018

Model Specification
X-IT 2 Story (13') Emergency Fire Escape Ladder X-IT 2 Story (13')
Emergency Fire
Escape Ladder

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Available Ladder Sizes: 2 Story (13'), 3 Story(23'), 4 Story(33'), 5 Story(43') & 6 Story (53')
Ladder Size: 2 Story
Ladder Length: 13 feet
Ladder Weight: 6 lbs
Other Specifications:
Aircraft grade aluminum ladder with steeled, attachable hooks, pivot points and folding parts
Large folding parts allow the ladder to be hung from different heights
Textured treads
Total dimension of the ladder when folded is 7.5 x 11.5 x 6.0 inches and weighs 6lbs Can reach the heights of 13ft(2 story), 23ft(3 story), 33ft(4 story), 43ft(5 story), 53ft(6 story)
Comes with a Velcro sealed strap that is as small as a shoebox
Load tested for 1000lbs
Super lightweight and easy to operate
Sturdy and dependable
Safe for children and elderly
It can be deployed and repackaged which is essential for practicing before use.
It can be a little costly
As the rungs hang closely by the wall, try avoiding windows that have other windows below it.
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Kidde 468093 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs, 13-Foot Kidde 468093 KL-2S
Fire Escape Ladder

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Available Ladder Sizes: 13 foot & 25 foot
Ladder Size: 2 Story
Ladder Length: 13 feet
Ladder Weight: 12 lbs
Other Specifications:
13 feet (2 stories) and 25 feet (3 stories) long ladder
No tools necessary for assembly
5 pivot points and 1 foot wide steps with zinc plated, slip-resistant rungs
Tangle-free rung design
Red nylon strap rails
5 years of warranty
Total dimension 6.2 x 16.4 x 8.2 inches.
Load tested for 1000lbs
Super affordable
Easy to use and store
Flame resistant exterior
Long lasting
Rungs fall far from the wall which can make climbing down difficult
It is for one-time use only, no option for prior practice.
Bulky for carrying around
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First Alert EL53W-2 Three-Story Portable Fire Escape Ladder, 24 Feet First Alert EL53W-2
Three-Story Portable
Fire Escape Ladder

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Available Ladder Sizes: 2 Story(14') & 3 Story(24')
Ladder Size: 3 Story
Ladder Length: 24 feet
Ladder Weight: 12.8 lbs
Other Specifications:
24 feet long steel ladder with DuPont CORDURA nylon strap
Can reach 2 and 3 story buildings and take load of 375lbs at a time
Extra wide hooks, hook dimension is 20x32x6-13 inches
Non-slip rungs coated with epoxy gives extra traction
Load tested for 1000lbs
Sturdy, durable; can take a lot of weight
Easy to assemble and store
Fits to your budget
Not safe for children to use
Rungs are independent, so can get tangled if not stored properly
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Werner ESC330 Fire Escape Ladder, Three Story Werner ESC330
Fire Escape Ladder
Three Story

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Available Ladder Sizes: 2 Story & 3 Story
Ladder Size: 3 Story
Ladder Length: 24 feet 8 inches
Ladder Weight: 21 lbs
Other Specifications:
24’ 8’ Three story ladder
Each rung can carry 400lbs and multiple people can use it simultaneously
Flat, slip and heat-resistant rungs, standoff and webbed nylon straps
Comes with an assistance strap
24’8’’ long when fully extended
Can be repacked. Therefore, suitable for practice drills
Load tested for 1200lbs
Sturdy, huge weight capacity
Can take on multiple people at a time
Can be used for practice drills
Easy to store and maintain
Aluminum stabilizer feet can cause marring
Cannot be relocated in times of emergency
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Easy Escape 2 Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder by American Ladder Co | 13ft Portable Escape Ladder | Small and Easy to Store | Full Customer Warranty Easy Escape
2 Story Emergency
Fire Escape Ladder

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Ladder Size: 2 Story
Ladder Length: 13 feet
Ladder Weight: 10.2 lbs
Other Specifications:
13 feet long, 2 stories durable ladder
Comes with a red canvas bag and Velcro strap for storage
Three quick step assembly process, no tools required
Noticeable, beautiful red color
Can be repacked for practice drills
Money back guarantee with a lifetime warranty
Total dimension is 13.7x12.5x8 inches
Easy to use and very strong ladder, easy to store
Portable ladder can be relocated in times of emergency
Money back and lifetime warranty prove its trustworthiness
Does not have 3 or more story ladders
Unpacking it can be time-consuming, so better if it’s unpacked and then stored.
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ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder, 2 Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder, 12-Foot with Sleeves on Chain, FL12SL ResQLadder Fire
Escape Ladder
2 Story Portable

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Available Ladder Sizes: 12ft, 15ft, 25ft, 35ft, & 55ft
Ladder Size: 2 Story
Ladder Length: 12 feet
Ladder Weight: 13.6 lbs
Other Specifications:
Made in the USA, durable steel material
Multi-person ladder
Additional steel standoffs and chains
18/20 gauge hooks and 2/0 double loop chains coated with durable plastic encase
Total dimension when folded 18.6x16.3x5.3 inches and weighs 13.6lbs
Portable and comes in a corrugated storage box
Lifetime limited warranty
Load tested for 1000lbs
Durable, stable and safer ladder
Chains are covered with plastic, so less chance of getting injured
Ready to use model with additional standoff for higher windowsill and additional chains for customization
Portable and lightweight
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Saf-Escape 2 Story 15' Portable Escape Ladder - Fits up to 14 Saf-Escape 2 Story
15' Portable
Escape Ladder

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Ladder Size: 2 Story
Ladder Length: 15 feet
Ladder Weight: 17.64 lbs
Other Specifications:
Zinc plated 18 gauge steel ladder with height capacity of 15ft (2 stories)
Grappling wider hooks can hold on to 9 to 14 inches deep and 13 inches wide
Comes with 5 pairs of adjustable standoffs
2/0 double loop chains connected to the 11.5 inches rungs give extra stability
Chains are tangle-free, and steel rungs are non-slip
Reusable for practice drills
Lifetime limited warranty
Total dimension when folded 24.5x16.5x6 inches and weighs 17.6lbs
Load tested for 1000lbs
Extra strong and heavy-duty steel made
Wider hooks are perfect for wide, thick buildings
Adjustable standoffs make it easy to relocate the ladder in emergency
Portable and easy storage facility
Rungs are not plastic coated and may lead to cuts and scratches
Heavy for most people
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First Alert 14 ft. Fire Escape Ladder First Alert 14 ft.
Fire Escape Ladder

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Ladder Size: 2 Story
Ladder Length: 14 feet
Ladder Weight: 5.43 lbs
Other Specifications:
Aluminum grade 14 feet long 2 story escape ladder
Steel, anti-slip rungs
Total dimension when fully extended is 14x12x2 feet
Quick and easy window attachment
Foldable, portable and weighs only 5.43lbs
Includes emergency release strap
Load tested for 1100lbs
Lightweight, compact and easy operation
Folds easy for storage and is portable
High-quality aluminum gives strength and reduces extra weight
Release strap provides extra for children and elderly
Not so sturdy
Not very long for 3/3+ story buildings
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X-IT 2 Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

X-IT 2 Story (13') Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

It is no surprise that we’re starting off our list with the most handy and efficient ladder in the market. The Emergency Fire Escape ladders form X-IT comes in various heights ranging from 13, 23, 33, 43 and even 53 feet.

It can not only be used for a two-story but even for 5 to 6 story buildings as well. There are a lot of reasons as to why X-IT fire ladders have won multiple awards in case of ladder safety and standards. The most amazing part of this ladder is its ease of use. It has a grappling hook design, which is perfect for both thick and thin exterior walls. It will take you seconds to hook the ladder from your window, and the stairs will just fall off nicely as the rungs are layered, not twisted.

The rungs are also non-slippery and made of aircraft grade aluminum. Most of the time, people, especially children and elderly, injure themselves while climbing down in an emergency. That’s when you need this particular ladder the most. Its rungs have textured treads for a stronger grip, and they just stand side by side with the wall, leaving no gap between the wall and the steps. This allows the ladder not to wobble or shake.

All these goodness fits into a Velcro strap sealed bag, which is approximately the size of a shoebox. Your children can easily lug it around as its’ weight is only 6lbs. You also get a 60 days return policy along with 10 years of manufacturing warranty. Don’t worry about it falling off as it can hold up to 1000lbs of weight. That means it is a little life saver which you can just store under your kids’ bed.

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Kidde 468093 KL- 2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

Kidde 468093 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder with Anti-Slip Rungs, 13-FootThe bestseller fire escape ladder from Kidde Company is the 468093 KL- 2S ladder. It can climb up to 2 to 3 story building or 13 feet and 25 feet of heights.

Kidde saves you some precious extra moments in an emergency, as it does not need any assembly or other tools to set up. It is a bit heavier than the X-It ladders, but it is super affordable. The ladder has five pivot points or hinges, and its steps are only one foot apart.

It is one of the most popular fire escape ladders that can save you in any escape emergency possible. Its hooks are designed to be adjustable for any type of windowsill. Its rungs are independent, folded by a brace, but they have a tangle-free design. Rungs are also made of slip-resistant zinc plated material which increases its longevity. For holding on to the ladder, it also has strong nylon strap rails. It has a very compact design which can be stored near the window. You can also permanently attach the ladder below your window, so you don’t have to search for it in case of emergency.

The only big issue with the Kidde ladder is that it has a one-time use system. Multiple uses can cause injuries. Nevertheless, practice is very much important in the use of fire ladders. So, eventually, you’d have to buy one for practice and another one for real-time use. This will cost you as much as the X-It ladder anyway.

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First Alert EL53W-2 Three-Story Portable Fire Escape Ladder

First Alert EL52-2 Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder, Steel, Anti-SlipFirst Alert is a renowned company which has been manufacturing amazing home safety products such as fire detectors, security cameras, safes et cetera for the past 60 years. The First Alert EL5W3W-2 model has so many features that will make you fall in love with it.

It is made of durable steel material and the sides are covered with DuPont CORDURA nylon straps, means you are guaranteed for a long time of strong service on this ladder. The ladder can reach the height of about 14 feet, and its rungs are slip-resistant and designed with steel stabilizer. That makes your climbing down off the ladder much easier.

For extra grip, the rungs are also coated with epoxy. The greatest thing about these ladders is its wide hooks that make it a lot easy to deploy and hold on to the windowsill. The measurement of the hook is 20x32x6-13 inches. They are designed to hold on to 6-10 inches of windowsills. What makes this ladder more reliable is its 1125lbs weight capacity and the fact that it can hold up to 375lbs at a time. You can count on this ladder in time of emergency as it complies with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards.

However, some samples of this model are for only one-time use. So, look carefully before purchasing it because we recommend you to buy something which can be repacked. Its’ operation and weight can make it a not so much kid friendly product, so also consider that before buying.

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Werner ESC330 Fire Escape Ladder, Three Story

Werner ESC330 Fire Escape Ladder, Three StoryWerner ladders and other climbing and construction equipment are the most used and preferred product on the market. It has been a real companion in household tools for thousands of people. The Werner WSC330 Fire Escape Ladder is such an addition to their best ladder collection. It is a 17’2’’ long ladder with sturdy, slip-resistant aluminum rungs.

It has heat-resistant nylon webbing in the sides. Maybe this is the reason for its whopping 1200lbs of weight capacity. There are two best parts of this ladder. Number one, multiple people can climb the ladder simultaneously as it can hold 400lbs per rung. Therefore, unlike the other ladders, you can rest assured that multiple members of your family can save their lives at the same time.

Second best part is that it has a built-in feature. You have to drill it beneath the window. Good news is that it has a storing compartment so it will go with any home décor; it can be painted and wallpapered as well. This feature ensures your ‘peace of mind’ as you don’t have to find and assemble it when the time is running late. Safety is double ensured by its’ first-step assistance strap, flat rungs, and grooves, suitable for multi-level roof and perfect for all sizes of windowsills.

Many people have noted only one issue with this ladder. Its’ aluminum standoff legs can mar the walls. So, a solution would be to coat them with plastic.

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Easy Escape 2 Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder

Easy Escape 2 Story Emergency Fire Escape Ladder by American Ladder Co | 13ft Portable Escape Ladder | Small and Easy to Store | Full Customer WarrantyThe Easy Escape Emergency ladder from the American Ladder Company lives up to its’ name. 13 feet long and designed to carry 1000lbs of weight, this stylish ladder is very lightweight compared to the previously mentioned ladders.

Its’ ‘no assembly and ready to use’ policy facilitate escaping from any fire emergency. There are three quick steps to operate this ladder: open your container, attach the hooks to the windowsill, roll the ladder down the window and voila! Quick evacuation of your home is ensured. It is portable too. It comes with a beautiful red canvas bag that is very noticeable in dim light and lightweight, compact size.

Because of its beautiful color, you can store it near your intended window, and it will look just stylish enough to complement your home décor. Although it doesn’t say in the packaging, you can repack it after some practice drills which are a must. Easy Escape ladders are so confident to give you the safety that they have a money back guarantee with a lifetime of warranty.

Little heads up, these ladders come in only one size, the 2 story, 13 feet ones. So, if you require longer ladders then this might not be the ideal choice for you.

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ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder, 2 Story Portable Emergency Ladder

ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder, 2 Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder, 12-Foot with Sleeves on Chain, FL12SLThe 2 story portable escape ladder from ResQLadders is customizable as it has pre-installed standoffs and additional chains to support.

Unlike the other ones, it has sturdy double loop steel sleeves or chains that are covered with durable plastic encasing. So, the chains do not cut your hands while you’re climbing on them.

ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder, 2 Story Portable Emergency Escape Ladder, 12-Foot with Sleeves on Chain, FL12SL

This US-made heavy duty ladder takes the load of 1000lbs and is parachute-loaded in the factory. Its 18/20 gauge hooks are also made of steel, and the rungs are slip-resistant. It can reach various heights such as 12ft, 15ft, 25ft, 35ft and 55ft, each suitable for different story buildings. Its rungs are stable, thanks to the steel chains again. It can accommodate the whole family at the same time, which is a huge lifesaver when the fire is already spreading through your home.

The whole unit when folded measures 13.6lbs and comes in a corrugated storage box which helps it be intact. You can use, reuse it after practice. It is lightweight compared to all the awesome features it has got. However, if you love this ladder, which you should, it will cost you some extra bucks but on the other hand, you will not have to worry about fire anymore!

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Saf-Escape 2 Story 15’ Portable Escape Ladder

Saf-Escape 2 Story 15' Portable Escape Ladder - Fits up to 14If you live in a house with thicker walls, brick buildings, older homes or even dormitories, then the Saf-Escape Portable Ladder is the thing for you.

Its’ made of manufactured 18 gauge zinc plated steel and it comes with adjustable standoffs. The 2 story model (FR1615) of this ladder reaches the height of 15 feet while the other models such as #1025 and #1045 are best for 3 and 4 story buildings respectively.

What makes this ladder unique in our list is its capacity to hold on to walls with a thickness of up to 14 inches. It has wider grappling hooks that can be placed in windows wide up to 9 to 13 inches. Rungs are connected via a steel chain and they are 11.5 inches wide. This ladder will surely evacuate your house in no time as it can hold up to 1000lbs at a time, it is a multi-person ladder. It has 5 pairs of adjustable standoffs in case you have a window beneath the escape window.

This ladder can be a little heavy considering its weight of 17.6lbs but it is durable, extremely strong finished and best of all, it will provide safety to those with thick exterior walls. These ladders are hard to find.

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First Alert 14 feet Fire Escape Ladder

First Alert 14 ft. Fire Escape LadderWe’ve already reviewed one item from the First Alert ladder and you know how good and durable it can get. However, the 14ft model of this ladder is suitable for 2 story building and unlike the 24ft one, it has a weight capacity of 1100lbs. But it is still the best considering it is the lightest ladder on our list- 5.4lbs only.

It is made of durable aluminum, which is the reason for its lightweight and steel rungs are made with an anti-slip property. It is super easy to deploy. All you have to do is attach the hook to the sill and pull up the strap.

This folding strap also works as an emergency release strap. Instead of a chain, its sides are made of high-quality aluminum and is tested by the ASTM standards.

It is foldable, portable and has a compact size. It is a real go-to ladder in a state of absolute rush. You can also have practice drills on it and store it afterward. It fits within your budget and under your bed comfortably.

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Things You Have to Know: Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to the safety of your loved ones, we know you will not compromise. That’s why making the decision of owning an escape ladder is ultra important. We hope, by the help of this article, you will get some clear insights on what specific points should be kept in mind while you’re looking for the most suited fire escape ladder for you and your family:

Height and Weight Capacity

This is obvious. Before purchasing an escape ladder measure the distance from where you will use it. All the ladders reviewed in this article are window escape ladders. So measure the distance from your intended window to the ground carefully. We recommend you to always look for two to three story ladders. It is best to use 13 to 15 feet ladder for two story and 20 to 25 feet for three-story buildings. Your ladder should be able to carry at least 1000lbs of weight.

Types of Escape Ladder

There are mainly two types of fire escape ladders: 1) portable/non-portable, 2) permanent or built-in. If you are traveling a lot and are capable to store it and use it on time then portable ladders are a good choice for you. However, non-portable ladders are not always permanent or built in. It is best to have built a compartment beneath the window and keep the ladder there. This way you save a lot of time deploying the ladder. In a state of emergency, every second counts.


Always choose thick and strong material even if that makes your ladder a bit heavy. The common types of materials are steel, nylon and aluminum. Consult with your nearest Fire Department and seek their advice on what material would be best for your house. You also want to check the thickness and design of your targeted window sill. Look for ladder rungs with an anti-slip property.

Other Quick Safety Tips

  • Make sure your ladder is ASTM approved and is tested by a certified, independent organization
  • Escape ladders are available online but you can also find them in your local hardware, departmental store.
  • Make sure all the family members know where the ladder is stored
  • PRACTICE! PRACTICE! and PRACTICE right after buying the ladder. Don’t wait until real adverse situation arrives

Who Shouldn’t Use It

In times of desperate emergency, you definitely want EVERYONE to be out. But be careful of whose going to use the ladder. Not all the ladders are children approved. But if you do have children, pets and people with mobility problems then talk to your dealer. There are some escape ladders specially designed for children. Also, people with a heart condition, height phobia or other health problems are discouraged to use long ladders. In this case, it is best to wait for the fire brigade. Only use an escape ladder when there are no other options left.


According to the report of the National Fire Protection Association, 78% of fire deaths happen in home fires. Home should be a place where you feel safe. Having a fire escape ladder is the last thing you can do to protect your loved ones from havoc. We know how crucial and important the decision of buying a fire ladder is. Therefore, hope that this article has helped you find your desired ladder. Remember that not every high facility ladder is perfect. Their usability depends on the particular needs of the owners. Make an informed decision before spending money and risking your lives.

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