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Fuji PaintWiz Review – Painting Silo

Fuji PaintWiz Review

Fuji PaintWIZ has been introduced to the market to meet the needs of the home user for everyday DIY needs. Specifically designed to handle indoor and outdoor residential projects alike. The powerful PaintWiz turbine is ideal for latex, primers, lacquers, stains and many more types of paints. The HVLP system means overspray is the bare minimum and it saves a lot more paint! The 3x and 4x faster painters save you both time and money.

The PaintWIZ is a new line of sprayers from Fuji Spray, a leading manufacturer of spraying equipment. The PaintWIZ is specifically designed to provide avid DIYers with a lightweight, convenient, and affordable sprayer that uses HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology.

There are two models of the PaintWIZ. The PW25000, which consists of a turbine and a separate spray gun, while the PW25150 is a hand-held sprayer.

Comparison of the Two Models of Fuji PaintWiz

PaintWiz MAX Paint Sprayer PW25000  PaintWiz Handheld Paint Sprayer PRO PW25150 
blank filler PaintWIZ PW25000 MAX Paint Sprayer PaintWIZ PW25150 Handheld Paint Sprayer PRO
Operating Pressure 3 PSI 2.5 PSI
Power Supply 564 watt, 4.7 Amp motor 400 watt, 3 Amp motor
Hose Length 20 Feet Not Available
Container Size 800 ml and 1.3 L 800 ml and 1.3 L
Spray Tip Included 2.6mm and 1.8mm 2.6mm and 1.8mm
Variable Flow Control Yes Yes
Weight 10.2 lbs 4.25 lbs
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In this article, we are going to dive deep into the specs and features of two products from the PaintWiz line. We are going to discuss and compare benefits, usage, range, and limitations all in one. This in-depth Fuji PaintWiz review is sure to help you decide if you want any of these products in your arsenal or not. We have designed this review based on our own experience and user experience survey; and most users alongside us, think that this is a wonderful product.

Fuji PaintWiz MAX Paint Sprayer PW25000 

PaintWIZ PW25000 MAX Paint SprayerThe PaintWiz MAX Paint Sprayer can be used for many types such as priming and painting cabinets, furniture pieces, door trim, walls, patios, window shutters, staining decks & fences and any indoor and outdoor residential settings. The MAX paint sprayer is designed for both hobbyists and DIYers, it’s quick and easy to use, saves your time and money and has excellent customer service.

The sprayer is packed with one of the most powerful turbines for paint sprayers out there, the PaintWiz turbine. It can handle any type of paints with 4x the speed; latex, primers, lacquers and stains, you name it, it can handle.

The HVLP design helps to minimize overspray and saves more paint. It has an adjustable spray tip that maximizes coverage in any setting, whether it be horizontal, vertical or round spray pattern, it will have a dependable finish. There is also the ‘variable flow control’ technology that allows quick switching between larger spray surface to more detail-oriented works with simple and quick adjustments.

The fluid control knobs, the 3 different spray patterns (Horizontal, Vertical, and Round), the 20 feet high-flex air hose that extends the range of your movement all adds to the magnificence of this product. The product is packed with a standard 800ml cup, 1.3L plastic cup for larger projects, viscosity cups, an air filter to the turbine that increases its longevity, a fluid control dial to adjust the spray flow and many more awesome features. It also offers 1-year full manufacturer’s warranty.

Included with the system are 3 mesh strainers, viscosity cup, cleaning brush, shoulder strap, user manual.

  • Great transition of flow control
  • Cup variety for different projects
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Low priced
  • Great for homeowners

  • Susceptible to cracking
  • Overspray control leaves much to be desired

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Fuji PaintWiz Handheld Paint Sprayer PRO PW25150 

PaintWIZ PW25150 Handheld Paint Sprayer PROThe PaintWiz Handheld Paint Sprayer PRO is made to be used with thinner paint materials such as stains, urethanes, sealers, varnishes or lacquers.  It’s a HVLP spryer with a 400W indoor/outdoor motor, producing a steady flow of material. It gives excellent finishes to your projects.  

The sprayer is equipped with an adjustable air cap that allows 3 different spray patterns; horizontal, vertical and circular fan. This cuts any paint job difficulty in half, and also produces an incredible finish. The material flow can also be adjusted pretty quickly, from a wider 12” to even less than an inch.

It’s easy to set up, quick to use and 3x faster than standard brushes and rollers. It has also got 1-year of manufacturer’s warranty and a pretty low price.

Included with the system are 3 mesh strainers, viscosity cup, cleaning brush, user manual.

  • Cup variety for different projects
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Low priced
  • Great for thinner finishes
  • Great control

  • Not suitable for latex

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Common Features

The two PainWiz Paint sprayers are quite similar to each other in many areas. They both offer a variety of spray patterns, HVLP systems, accessory packages.

Compact Accessories Package

Both systems include standard 800mm cups for standard projects, but they also have many more tools in the package. There is an extra 1.3 Liter Cup, 1.8mm nozzle, a viscosity cup, 3 mesh strainers, cleaning brush and owner’s manual. PaintWiz offers a complete package of a product so that the control and maintenance are both entirely in your hand.

Variable Flow Control

You never know what type of project you’re going to be working on, so having the ability to transition quickly between different modes of painting (large or small scale) would be a very handy feature to have. Luckily, both the PaintWiz sprayers have that ability, through the technology ‘Variable Flow Control’ that instantly switches between large spray surface and detail-oriented spray with just a few simple adjustments.

Spray Tip (Nozzle)

Both the sprayers have 2.6mm nozzle and 1.8mm spray tips that help with the precision and control of the paint job.

What’s Different

While there are many similarities in both products, they are fundamentally different by how they are designed; one is turbine operated and other is handheld. There are also a few dissimilarities that come with that.

Power Supply And Pressure

The power supply needed for the MAX Paint Sprayer is 564 watt and a 4.7 Amp motor while the Handheld sprayer needs only a 400 watt, 3 Amp motor. The handheld one will save electricity bills by a short margin, but the MAX will get the job done more quickly. The two different motors produce different pressures. The MAX produces 3 PSI which slightly more than the Handheld unit at 2.5 PSI. The more the pressure the finner will be the particles that will come out of the sprayer give you a better finish.

Air Filter

The MAX paint sprayer turbine is installed with an air filter that prolongs the life of the turbine motor; the air filter is also replaceable. But the handheld version’s motor lacks and air filter and you have to work with what you get. Air filters the air the turbine sucks in protecting the turbine. Air filter extends the life of the turbine.

Paint Options, Control & Other Features

The MAX paint sprayer can handle a variety of materials whether dense and thick; even latex. Whereas the Handheld sprayer is designed primarily for thinner materials like lacquer, and not very good for latex-based paints.

The MAX paint sprayer turbine comes with a 20-feet long high-flex air hose that extends the range of your work, but it does makes working indoors with it a hassle. The handheld version does not have a hose and is controlled freely.


Q. Can both of the Sprayers be used in Indoor/Outdoor settings?

Ans: Yes, both of them can be used indoor/outdoor projects, but the MAX paint sprayer with it’s higher variety of paint options will give more versatility outdoors.

Q. Does it use a regular Outlet Plug?

Ans: Both the sprayer use standard two-prong power cord and 110-120V outlet. Adapters can also be used.

Q. Does this need a separate air compressor?

Ans: No compressor needed.

Q. Can it be used with oil-based paint?

Ans: The MAX paint sprayer can be used with oil-based paints just fine, but with the Handheld paint sprayer, its safe to thin it with paint thinner. 


Both PaintWiz models are modern HVLP painters, easy and quick. They are safe, will not overspray or make a mess out of your job. If you are an enthusiast DIYer you will definitely be pleased with the result produced by any of these two. So don’t wait anymore, and buy the one that suits your needs.

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