Best Power Paint Roller Review

A power paint roller is a tool that is continuously soaked with paint, and the paint is pushed with an electric pump. It is designed to make painting large areas faster and easier.

The best power paint roller will be the one that delivers continuous paint without refilling, has roller size options, adjustable flow rate, and has the ability to attach an extension.

Paint without refilling

A power paint roller is designed to deliver continuous paint without the need to frequently stop and refill the paint reservoir. The roller cover of a power paint roller is fed paint automatically from the paint reservoir, which is either located attached to the pump or in a separate container.

Roller size options

They come with different roller cover sizes, ranging from small to large. A larger roller cover can cover more area quickly, but it may be more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. A smaller roller cover may be easier to control in tight spaces but will cover less area.

Adjustable flow rate

Different power paint rollers have different speed and flow rate settings, which can affect the application of the paint. A faster speed and higher flow rate can cover more area quickly but may result in more paint splatter and mess. A slower speed and lower flow rate can result in a smoother application but may take longer to cover the area.

Attachable extension

An attachable extension is a telescoping pole that can be attached to the roller handle to increase its reach. The extension pole typically extends anywhere from 4 feet to 16 feet, depending on the specific model.

The attachable extension allows the user to reach high or hard-to-reach areas without having to use a ladder or scaffolding.

Choosing the right one

In the past, you had to dip your roller into the tray every time you needed more paint. This is no longer the case! With power paint rollers, you only need to push a button that automatically refills your roller. This is made possible by the pump or motor attached to the paint rollers, which absorbs, stores, and releases the paint as the painter activates the trigger.

However, owning a power paint roller is not as simple as it seems. Aside from the fact that they are rather costly, there are also certain factors to consider before purchasing this product. A few of the best are listed below.

Some of the Best Power Paint Roller

Products Specifications
Wagner 0530010 Smart Side Kick Power Roller, Fits Wagner Paint Containers 1-5 Gallons Wagner 0530010 Smart
Side Kick Power Roller

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Paint Container Size: 1 to 5 gallons (external container)
Hose Pipe Length: 8' (foot)
Product Weight: 4.9 pounds
Other Specification:
For use with oil and latex based coatings
Accepts common threaded extension poles
Quick-Release Handle easily attaches rollers and accessories
For use with oil and latex based coatings
Direct-feed delivery - no container required
Versatile, easy to assemble and clean
Ideal for all types of surfaces- rough and smooth
Affordable price range
Comes with a 1-year warranty and Wegner’s famous customer care service
Not suited for small projects
Cannot accommodate all sizes of rollers
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Wagner Power Roller Plus Cordless Multospeed 7 Pc System Wagner Power
Roller Plus Cordless
Multospeed 7 Pc System

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Paint Container Size: (Built-in container)
Hose Pipe Length: 8' (foot)
Product Weight: 5.4 pounds
Other Specification:
Attached paint tray with the pump
Basic design and simple operation
5 minutes clean-up system
No auto-feed control. Flow is controlled through a button on the handle.
Very easy and hazardless process
Takes very little to assemble and clean afterward
Ideal for small projects.
No auto-feed control.
Not good for bigger paint projects.
no extension pole
The parts are not easy to replace as its parts are very difficult to find.
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Black & Decker C800659 Pro Electric Power Paint Roller Black & Decker
C800659 Pro Electric
Power Paint Roller

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Paint Container Size: 1 gallon (external container)
Hose Pipe Length: 20' (foot)
Product Weight: 9.2 pounds
Other Specification:
20 ft hose that covers 40 ft surface
Paint saver feature puts unused paint back into the can
Roller keepers help store the wet rollers after use
Spatter shield eliminates spillage
Paint speed is fixed- 1 gallon in 9.5 minutes
Longer hose help reach far areas
Ideal for longer surfaces
Easy to store and assemble
Gets the job done without any help
Not suited for longer, heavy-duty paint projects
Not perfect for small, on the go projects either. Since the hose is very long, it will only add to your work.
Clean up can be tricky
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Wagner Spray Tech 0530002 SMART Power Roller Wagner Spray Tech
0530002 SMART
Power Roller

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Paint Container Size: 1 gallon (external container)
Hose Pipe Length: (foot)
Product Weight: 9.6 pounds
Other Specification:
2 rollers: one is 9”x3/8” in dimension and another one is 9”x3/4”
16ft hose covers about 9ft surface
18” extension handle and adapter for trims and tight places
Variable speed controls ranging from 1-9. Controlled by button at the handle
Includes 3” smart edge rollers
Lid prevents spillage and reversible pump saves unused paints for later
Affordable, perfect for multipurpose use
Noise is almost non-existent
Clean up can be done in just 20-30 minutes
Accommodates only 1-gallon paint can
Not easy to carry as it is quite heavy
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AdirPro Electric Power Paint Roller - Drip Free - Delivers Directly To The Brush - Less Mess And Easy Cleaning AdirPro Electric
Power Paint Roller

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Paint Container Size: 1 gallon (external container)
Hose Pipe Length: 16 (foot)
Product Weight: 7.8 pounds
Other Specification:
9” soft roller brush with 16ft long, transparent, detachable hose
Automatically regulated paint flow at 7.1 gallons per hour with 45 watts power
Pause function included
Handle extends up to 3.9ft
Roller hood to prevent paint dripping
Great for large and multiroom projects
Auto-feed eliminates the need for trays
Pause function gives rest to the user when needed
Complaints of paint leaking from the customers
Only suitable for water-based paints
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ALEKO DP-AR100 Automatic Electric Paint Roller Pump, Peristaltic pump with Lighter and Pad ALEKO DP-AR100
Automatic Electric
Paint Roller Pump

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Paint Container Size: 1 to 5 gallons (external container)
Hose Pipe Length: 13 (foot)
Product Weight: 5 pounds
Other Specification:
9” paint roller, 13 feet transparent hose with 45 watts DC Motor Pump has connectors to an external power source and the system can be connected to a garden hose Paint flows at 30psi rate pressure through the hose. Fits in 1 to 5 gallons of paint buckets
Easy 10 minutes clean up Easy to set, use and store Can reach high places and cover large areas
Occasional leakage Editor's Review:
Snowball Electric Power Paint Roller X37-A Pro Auto Feed Snowball Electric
Power Paint Roller
X37-A Pro Auto Feed

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Paint Container Size: external container
Hose Pipe Length: 13 (foot)
Product Weight: 22.1 pounds
Other Specification:
10” roller with 158 inches hose
Extension rod is about 51.8 inches long
Quick release handle facility
Includes 2 rollers- 8” thick and 8” thin
Auto-feed control and wireless controller
6000 mAh rechargeable battery that lasts 8hrs
Durable, easy to operate
Rechargeable thus more efficient
Clean up takes about 10 minutes
Big roller covers large areas in no time
Works with water-based paints
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Wegner 0530010 Smart Side Kick Power Roller

Wagner 0530010 Smart Side Kick Power Roller, Fits Wagner Paint Containers 1-5 GallonsIt’s impossible that you haven’t heard the name of Wegner Products. They are the most trusted brand on the market for their unique features and amazing safety measures. This is the same with their Smart Side Kick Power Roller model #0530010. This super cool power roller is packed with versatile features such as- direct feed system, auto feed control, click attach arm, 18-inch extension handle and a lot more. The direct feed system feeds the rollers paint directly from a can, without the need for a tray.

Wagner 0530010 Smart Side Kick Power Roller, Fits Wagner Paint Containers 1-5 Gallons

Its thick tube has a small cylinder inside of it which stores the paint. Once you push the button the cylinder pushes the remaining paint on the container directly to the roller. With the button, you can also control the speed of your roller-flow between 1 (lowest) to 9 (highest). It has two rollers for both large and small areas. The 9” roller being the longest, has a 3/8” nap and can cover thick and long surfaces with ease. For those hard to reach corners you have a 3” roller. It has a click attach arm that can be mounted on your 1-gallon paint can to your 5-gallon paint bucket.

It also has an 18-inch extension which can be attached to a threaded pole, but the height is not adjustable. This power paint roller from Wegner is perfect for heavy, big projects and some tricky paint jobs that professionals and regular DIYers do. If you’re just gonna paint your bathroom door or kitchen cabinet, then you are better off good without it.

Key Features

  • Direct-feed system eliminates the use of tray and automatically feeds paint to the roller from the can
  • The auto-feed control allows users to control the roller speed and amount of paint they will need
  • Pack includes 2 rollers: one is 9” long with 3/8” nap and another one is 3″ long
  • Click attach arm lets you navigate on the surface with more ease and versatility. Can be mounted on your paint container.
  • Has an 18-inch extension for ceilings and high walls

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Wegner Power Roller Plus Cordless Multispeed

Wagner Power Roller Plus Cordless Multospeed 7 Pc SystemThis is another sturdy cordless power paint roller from Wegner but it is more basic and simpler than the previous one we mentioned. Heads up- not at all ideal for overhead projects, long surfaces like ceilings. But amazing for small DIYs and on-the-go small home decorations and repairs.

Its hose is only 8’ long, so you have to keep the container close at hand every time. A paint tank is attached to the pump that needs to be refilled. The paint gets sucked from the tank into the hose. All you have to do is fill the paint tank, attach handle and rest the hose on your shoulder. It is portable but doesn’t have wheels. So you have to carry it around yourself.

The pump does not have auto-feed control. Therefore, be careful to turn off the pump occasionally to avoid over-splashing.

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Black & Decker C800659 Pro Electric Power Paint Roller

Black & Decker C800659 Pro Electric Power Paint RollerAlmost all the products from Black & Decker are packed with versatility and flexibility. Its C800659 Pro Electric Power Rollers are made to please the professional handymen. It has massive hoes of about 20ft long that covers 40ft surfaces. Ceilings and all high areas will be within your reach with this amazing tool. To save you from over-spillage, over-splashing and over-wastage, it also includes a paint saver feature. This feature pumps the additional unused paint back into the can after work!

To maximize the ease of use, it also has a roller keeper attached to the system. You just put your wet roller on top so that nothing else in your work area gets messy. Speaking of being messy, it also includes a spatter shield to save your precious furniture and floor while painting.

Some customers complain they had problems with this product while painting their entire house. Although it’s suitable for larger places, it is not the best thing when it comes to heavy-duty painting jobs like this.

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Wegner Spray Tech 05300002 SMART Power Roller

Wagner Spray Tech 0530002 SMART Power RollerIt’s no surprise that another Wegner product made it to our list. The Wegner Spray Tech 05300002 SMART Power Roller is just like the previously mentioned one but it has a smaller feed hose of about 16ft. So, it will be a lot easier to reach your average home ceilings, attics but difficult for open stairways or vaulted houses. But don’t worry. With this model, you also get an 18” extension handle and an adapter to reach those trims and tight spaces with ease.

Like the others, it has a 9-speed feeding system. To control the flow of paint, a button is attached at the handle. Pack includes two 9” long rollers one with a 3/8” nap size and another with 3/4”. The 3/8” one is ideal for smooth surfaces and drywalls while the latter is perfect for rough and textured surfaces like plaster.

Its base unit can accommodate only 1 gallon of paint at a time, which is a turn of for many professionals who want the industrial finish. But this product is amazing for homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers.

The reason to call it smart is that it has a 3” smart edge roller for those tricky places. Since it’s from Wegner, you can put any kind of thick or thin paint in it with your eyes closed. As far as cleanup is concerned, it too has a reversible pump that pumps out unused paint into the can. Wegner Spray Tech 05300002 SMART Power Roller means no wastage, no mess.

To prevent messy workstation, it has a lid that holds the hose steadily so that it doesn’t spill on other things.

The only drawback is that you cannot adjust multiple types of extension handles apart from the shipped 18” extension handle. That limits your range of coverage.

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 AdirPro Electric Power Paint Roller- Drip-Free

AdirPro Electric Power Paint Roller - Drip Free - Delivers Directly To The Brush - Less Mess And Easy CleaningAdriPro is relatively new in the field of house equipment but just as reliable as any other product. It includes a 9” soft paint roller brush that can be attached to its 16ft long hose. The automatic regulated paint feed allows the user to control the flow of paint. Although the flow speed is fixed at 450ml per minute at 45 watts power, users can also pause the roller in the middle of the task if something comes up! The pause, the feed, and the extension switch are attached at the handle.

The extension handle reaches up to 3.9ft high. That means it’s easy to clean ceilings, large walls with it but not ideal for higher lengths than this. The best part of the roller is that you do not have to refill your paint roller every time with paint. There are two hoses. You have to connect the hoses with the pump- the longer one to the left and the shorter to the right. Paint gets pumped into the roller through these ‘transparent’ hose. So, you can paint uninterruptedly and monitor the flow of your paint from outside. The hoses are detachable which means cleaning up is a breeze. The unit also incorporates rollers hoods to prevent spillage.

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ALEKO DP-AR100 Automatic Electric Paint Roller

ALEKO DP-AR100 Automatic Electric Paint Roller Pump, Peristaltic pump with Lighter and PadALEKO DP-AR100 automatic paint rollers have an efficient pump that throbs continuously and is thus three times faster than traditional power rollers.

With its big enough transparent, hollow hose, it pumps paint at 300ml/per minute with 30psi pressure. So, the handle includes a control switch through which users can control the flow themselves. Its brushes are made with high-class fibers which holds paint much longer and extra. The pump also has a container and has an external power source. You will love it for its Quick Connector feature. Through this feature, a connector is added to the system that links your garden hose. That means you can clean the entire thing with your garden hose!

Package includes 9” roller, pump with 13ft hose, 1.5-centimeter cable, and an instruction manual.

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Snowball Electric Power Paint Roller X-37-A Pro Auto Feed

Snowball Electric Power Paint Roller X37-A Pro Auto FeedWe’ve been saving the best one for the last. This unique electronic paint roller gives a specialized auto-paint construction which provides smooth finish, just like making a snowball.

The kit includes 6 items- 158 inches long hose, feeding tube, roller, charger, grip, and a bucket. Its auto-feed control is wireless and once charged, it runs for  8 hours nonstop. Therefore it reduces 30% of the manpower that would usually take with other rollers. Its 10” roller gives an even, smooth, large coverage of paint.

The handle is about 51.8 inches high, so any normal growing child will have no difficulty reaching high areas. The brushes are also made with high-quality synthetic fibers and the motor is also made with high-quality plastic.

What makes it unique than others is the 6000 mAh rechargeable battery it incorporates. That means it will provide you and your loved ones with years of great service, without the toils of power exhaustion.

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Paint Roller or Paint Sprayer? : Which one is the best?

This is a tough question to answer. Because both the items are equally competent in their own right. What you expect from your paint job makes all the difference. Unlike paint rollers that roll down onto the surface, spray guns spray the paint on the surface through dotted roller covers. Paint is distributed through these holes.

Now let’s weigh the pros and cons of using a paint roller vs a paint sprayer:


The first difference is that paint sprayers are more expensive than the power paint rollers. So, you too have to spend extra money on sprayers but minus the motor.

Additional Expense:

Sprays can go really crazy if not in the right hands. Therefore, additional protection will, and if not must, be necessary. With sprays you would need extra respirator and goggles which are a no necessary with electric paint rollers.


This is an unavoidable consequence of spray painting. No matter how vigilant you are, you might end up spraying one part more than the other. With rollers, you just roll the covers and paint distributes evenly throughout the surface.

Easy Clean up:

One thing we hate after painting is cleaning up and sprayers will do us no good. Since the paint smears all over the place, paint spray owners have to do double work to clean than paint roller-owners. Washing paint covers are very easy and you can always throw them after use if you wish.

However, sprayers are not that bad choice though. If used properly, you can achieve very versatile-creative designs that are not possible with rollers. Also, cheap paint rollers are not suitable for all types of paint but sprayers can withstand a wide variety of paint types.

Are Power Rollers Any Good?

We’ll be honest with you. Power rollers are not that much different from any other traditional paint rollers. The only benefit is that it doesn’t need a paint tray. There are some unavoidable hassles of owning a power paint roller, such as-

  • You cannot recycle the roller covers or any part. You will have to clean the entire mess after finishing. This will kill the extra time you bagged for not needing a tray.
  • You will need an uninterrupted, plain surface to paint on. Corners need to be painted with a brush.
  • Only water-based paints are suitable for power rollers.
  • You will have to cover your interior and floor for safety measure because anything can happen with a power roller.
  • In order to paint differently, you will have mix paints manually like with the traditional.
  • If you are working on a very small task (i.e. painting a wall, door or a signboard) then power rollers will be a hazard rather than a friend. They are more suited for big and overhead projects.

The bright side is, these problems can be eliminated. Before buying you have to remember- it is an electronic device which needs certain assembly setups to run as intended. Therefore, be careful and knowledgeable about your device to get the best result out of it.

What to Look for in a Power Roller? : Buyers Guide

We think after speculating much, you have decided whether or not to go for a power paint roller. If your answer is yes then this section is dedicated to you.

Holding Capacity & Paint Type

Before buying check how much paint your roller can hold at once. Most common materials used in power rollers are nylon, synthetic fabric, lambs’ wool etc. Synthetic fabrics and this sort of other soft materials do not hold that much paint. On the other hand, rough, frizzy roller covers can absorb much more paint at once.

So, be mindful of how much you want. Another important thing to remember is the type of paint. Like previously mentioned, power rollers do not work well with non-water-based paints.

Suction Power

In a power paint roller, the paint gets pumped through a hollow tube into the roller. With a press of a button, the motor helps the paint get sucked up. So the suction power of the roller is super important. No matter how hard you push the button, it will not dispense more paint if the suction power is low.

Ask your manufacturer for the type of power roller you need. If you’ll be using it for bigger projects, then look for a roller with more suction power even if it costs a little bit more.


Anything that can be transported is a professional’s best friend. Paint rollers are more useful for bigger projects and sadly, you will not do bigger projects sitting at home! You have to get out sometimes. That’s why portability is important. Look for a portable power roller so that you become invincible at both indoor and outdoor projects!



We hope this list has helped you in clearing some basic insights about power rollers. With the advent of newer technologies, the power paint rollers are becoming more diverse, and likewise, more complicated. Since buying power paint rollers mean spending extra money, effort, and energy, take your time and choose the right one for you. Don’t invest in anything that you won’t be using much. Similarly, don’t cut out any important product just because it’s expensive. Having a good quality power paint rollers is not the worst thing in the world!

A lot of products mentioned here are listed keeping the homeowners and DIYers in mind. If you are into industrial grade power rollers then better check other areas of the market.

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