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Norvell Spray Tan Machine Review – Painting Silo

Norvell Spray Tan Machine Review

The chances are you know Norvell because of their spray tanning solutions, which are no doubt some of the best on the market; they are also making waves with their new spray tanning machines. The Norvell Mobile M-1000 HVLP Handheld system is slowly becoming the go-to product for any tanning professionals who are looking for a lightweight tanning system that can do the job smoothly and pleasingly.

Beside the quality, portability just might be the main selling point of the model. But there are other redeeming features of the product too. The feature M1000 model is designed for salons with mid-tier volume of spray sessions. The Norvell Z3000 model is targeted for salons with a high volume of spray sessions and the Norvell Pro X550 is mainly for personal and home use.

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The 3 Models of Norvell Spray Tan Machine

Norvell offers three different models of the spray tan machine. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. But the main difference is their power, hence how often they can be used. There are also differences in what is included in the packages.

Norvell Sunless Kit Z3000

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Norvell Sunless Kit - Z3000 Professional Mobile HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine System + 8 oz Tanning Solutions in Ultra Vivid 'Cosmo', Venetian & Dark + Norvell Training Program (Retail Value $1,150)

Norvell Sunless M1000

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Norvell Sunless M1000 Mobile Spray Tanning Machine

Norvell Sunless Kit Pro X550

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Norvell Sunless Kit - Pro X550 HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine System + 8 oz Tanning Solutions in Clear Plus, Venetian and Dark + Norvell Training Program (Retail Value $470)

Norvell Sunless Kit - Pro X550 HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine System + 8 oz Tanning Solutions in Clear Plus, Venetian and Dark + Norvell Training Program (Retail Value $470)Common Features

  • Fine Mist Technology – fine mist for ideal coverage and minimal overspray.
  • Compact – lightweight, easy to store with retractable carrying handle.
  • Quick Release Technology – release the hose from the gun with no hassle. Compatible with most universal quick release spray guns.
  • Quiet – extremely quiet giving technician ability to hear client needs.
  • Hose – They all come with a 10 feet hose.

Norvell Sunless Kit - Pro X550 HVLP Spray Tan Airbrush Machine System + 8 oz Tanning Solutions in Clear Plus, Venetian and Dark + Norvell Training Program (Retail Value $470)

What’s Different

The M1000 and X550 weighs about the same and is packaged with the same spray gun: the M series HVLP spray gun.

The turbine of X550 is a bit weaker than M1000, so is recommended for occasional home use. While the M1000 can be used more frequently.

The Z3000 is designed for experts in large salons where it will be used quite frequently.

Both X550 and Z3000 come with:

  • Norvell Tanning Handheld Solutions – Clear Plus 8oz
  • Venetian 8oz and Dark 8oz
  • Norvell Training Program.

If you are looking for more powerful, professional tan machine, Fuji Spray Tan Machine will be better suited for you. Also, check out the Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine, which is very similar to the Norvell Sunless Kit Pro X550 model mentioned above.

Norvell Spray Tan Machine M1000 Features

  • Mobile M1000 Turbine
  • 75 db at 3 feet (noise)
  • 10 Feet Quick Connect and Disconnect Hose
  • M series HVLP spray gun
  • Shoulder strap adds portability
  • Spray patterns are adjustable
  • Keeps overspray to a bare minimum
  • Works with any standard 110v electrical cord
  • Includes detailed operation manual
  • Includes quick repair kit
  • Versatility: Works with Z-Gun, M-Gun, and T-Gun
  • Replacement Filter: MFILTER
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

M-1000 Overview

With its simplicity and portability, the Norvell M-1000 HVLP Handheld System can be deceiving to the eyes, as it is not too wirey or heavy looking. But don’t let the small size fool you, it was made this way with your own comfort and ease in mind. If you use it with the Norvell Pop-up tent, you can have a complete tanning business going; as for your clients and technicians, they can also have the professional, clean and pleasurable sunless tanning experience that you can provide.

Shoulder Strap

As we said, portability might be the biggest selling point of the Norvell M-1000, but it augments that with the shoulder straps included. A 5lbs machine does not really strain the hand too much, unlike the other 10-15lbs products on the market. Yet, adding a shoulder strap so that you can channel most of the burden from your wrist to the shoulder and adds more comfort for you as a tanning professional and ensures your long time health and wellbeing.

The should strap is for carrying it around. With the 10 foot hose, you can place the turbine on any firm surface and work freely with spray gun.

Small Appearance

The size might be small with the Norvell Spray tanning machine, but it packs all the punch any top-tier spray tanning machine on the market might have and in some cases even a bit more. It is powerful enough to handle the needs of small to mid-tier tanning salons, and with 2-3 of these beasts (which by the way is way less pricey than one top-tier, feature heavy products on the market) can even suffice for a top class salon.

Norvell Sunless M1000 Mobile Spray Tanning Machine

Good Technology

It has an HVLP M-Gun with embedded HVLP technology. It ensures minimal overspray, has an adjustable spray pattern. The mobile M1000 turbine that powers it up is also very lightweight, low noise and efficient. The 10-foot quick connect/disconnect hose adds to the ease of work. Overall, the technology offered in the Norvell spray tanning machine might not be too gaudy, but the simplicity is one its good side.

Works with Z-Gun, M-Gun, and T-Gun

The main advantage of the three guns is the minimal overspray and Quick Release Technology. The Quick Release Technology and its light weight make using and handling this gun a walk in the park.


There are certain benefits to keeping it simple, you’ll have an easy time concentrating and learning the core of your craft, without minding too much on the pro level details. That’s why the simplicity of the Norvell spray tanning machine is probably one of the best choices for the beginner spray tanner. However, for a professional, it can also mean going back to the very basics and master the craft more thoroughly. Ease of use will always outweigh feature heaviness in the end, especially if you are looking to make it a full-time thing.

Norvell Spray Tan Machine


Easy to Assemble


Easy to Maintain




User Experience







  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Portable and mobile.
  • Very easy, efficient and comfortable to use.
  • Great for home use or mobile tanning salons
  • Includes Norvell solutions and Norvell Pop-up tent.
  • Adjustable spray patterns and very precise operation.


  • Not a lot of features.
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