Wagner Flexio Paint Sprayer Reviews

The innovative paint sprayers from Wagners’ Flexio series is a more flexible alternative to you small, large or go-to or professional paint spraying projects. All the Flexio products are equipped with X-boost turbine which is capable of dispensing very thick materials like latex, lacquers and more. They have HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) technology that ensures a smooth finish and minimum overspray.

Each of the products has variable speed control mechanisms, variable air and material flow control which lets you be the king of your project. iSpray nozzles are designed for larger paint jobs while the Detailed Finish nozzles work as an extra for those hard to reach trims.

If you’re looking for a paint spray that’ll give you maximum comfort and flexibility, then look no further than this amazing paint spraying series. Flexio has buyers going crazy over its handy yet professional-grade performance. Be it a newbie homeowner, an eager DIYer or a paint professional- Flexio has products for all!

Comparison of the Five Models of Wagner Flexio Paint Sprayer

Product Specifications

Wagner Flexio 570

If you are looking for both indoor-outdoor multipurpose paint-sprayers, then you’ll love the Wagner Flexio 570. This amazing product can work with both thick and thin materials; meaning you can cover a wide variety of surfaces from trims, decks, sliding, fences to ceilings, garages or walls.

It incorporates an HVLP technology X-boost turbine which delivers paint in both high and low speed. You can use the thicker materials with high speed for perfect smooth finish and the slow speed is ideal for thinner materials such as poly, stains, etc.

The front i-Spray nozzle can be directed in two positions- vertical and horizontal, which helps you spray the corners much easily compared to other one-directional sprayers. The trigger also has variable flow control mechanism which lets you decide the paint-flow of your operation.

These sprayers can be used with 2-in-1 paints, latex or oil enamels as well. It is very convenient for both professional and DIYers because you can use the paint directly from the can and the sprayer can cover 8’x10’ surface in just 5 minutes. Super easy clean-up and set up of this sprayer is another quality to be impressed of.

Wagner Flexio 590

Another go-to paint sprayer from Wagner Flexio collection is the Flexio 590. Along with having an i-spray nozzle for broader surfaces, it includes Detail Finish Nozzle for more precise application. That means, it’s even more efficient in painting both small and large surfaces and can be used with both thin and thick materials.

The X-boost turbine is the reason it can use thick latex paints and is 10 times faster than usual paint-sprayers. Rotating caps offer horizontal and vertical pattern flow while the trigger provides you with 10 variable speed control features.

You can cover an 8’x10’ surface in 1 minute with precision and this product can dispense 8-gallon paint per hour. Wagner Flexio 590 is suitable for furniture, ceilings, exterior walls, siding, fences, cabinet trims and can be used with both interior and exterior paints and stains.

Wagner Flexio 890

If you’re fixed on using a Wagner paint sprayer but not sure about your budget, then this Wagner Flexio 890 paint-sprayer might just be the one for you. It includes both an iSpray and a Detail Finish Nozzle for both large and smaller paint projects.

The spray caps move in three directions- horizontal, vertical and round and cover surfaces like decks, furniture, ceilings, cabinets etcetera. Like other Flexio paint-sprayers, it includes an X-boost turbine that can dispense unthinned materials with precision. What’s more is that the turbine is located in a stationary base known as the X-boost power box which makes the sprayer lighter for comfortable use.

You can control the air pressure and material flow using its’ X-boost power dial located on the trigger. This convenient placement lets you dictate your workflow without fatiguing yourself.

The stationary base is connected to the sprayer through an 11.5ft hose and the sprayer can be used with 2-in-1 paints, latex, enamels and various interior-exterior paints. Clean up after operation is very easy and the stationary base also has room for the iSpray Nozzle and Detailed Finish Nozzle- making the sprayer portable and easy to store.

Wagner Flexio 970

There are some exciting features in the Wagner Flexio 970 spray gun. Most notably, it has a peristaltic pump that feeds the paint directly from the container. It includes an X-boost turbine which smoothly distributes unthinned materials, reduces overspray and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

It can dispense 1 to 5-gallon paint per hour and is connected with a stationary unit through a 22ft long hose. This means you can paint a 2-storey building using this amazing product. The iSpray Nozzle is used for thicker materials while the Detailed Finish Nozzle helps you get to those hard-to-reach trims, cabinet corners and more.

It has a pattern adjustment ring in front for vertical and horizontal spray patterns and the spray width lever allows you to control the width of these patterns- whether you like them narrower or broader.

Secured with a Lock-n-Go system, this sprayer offers contractor grade performance and can be used with materials such as unthinned interior and exterior materials, latex or oil-based paints and stains. The whole thing can be assembled and cleaned within minutes, thanks to its One Touch setup and hands-free cleaning mechanism.

Wagner Flexio 990

Like the Wagner Flexio 590, Flexio 990 also houses a direct attach container that can directly feed paint from the container to the spray. This sprayer can distribute paint ranging from 1 to 5 gallon per hour and using its X-boost turbine, ensures maximum power with minimum overspray.

It has 2 Nozzles, one for large scale paint jobs and other for smaller trims and tricks. The sprayer has a split gun system for nozzle change and a pattern adjustment ring that can rotate the caps in vertical and horizontal directions.

The X-boost power dial at the trigger lets you control airflow and paint patterns with ease. Lock-n-Go and one-touch set up is a trademark for this innovative spraying gun.

It’s awfully convenient to clean and then store in its stationary base. The sprayer can reach 2-storey building using its long hose. However, in spite of having two nozzles, it is not ideal for smaller paint jobs as trims or stains. It suits with large interior or exterior paint projects using materials as unthinned latex, lacquers, stains, sealers and more.

Common Features

HVLP X-Boost Turbine

The new and improved X-boost turbine is a basic feature of the Flexio innovative paint-sprayers. The X-boost feature offers high-grade performance. Thick materials such as latex can easily pass through the turbine. It can be used with high volume materials with low pressure, which will result in a smoother finish every time.

Adjustable Patterns

All the Flexio products mentioned has a pattern adjustment feature which lets you change the paint direction into horizontal, vertical and sometimes circular motion. The caps in front of the sprayer does all the job. It can be rotated, sometimes with a trigger or a pattern adjustment ring in front of the sprayer.

It helps you trim, slide or angle the paint sprayer to your liking. This feature adds versatility to your tedious paint-projects.


Just as pattern, the nozzles of the sprayers mentioned can produce either broad or narrow patterns. Almost every product here includes an iSpray nozzle which lets you do the comparatively larger projects with ease. Its thick bristles help you paint broad spaces which can be time consuming using smaller nozzle sprayers.

But what about trims or corners? That’s why some of the sprayers also incorporate a Detailed Finish nozzle which does exactly that- it paints details.

What’s Different?

All the products mentioned here are designed specifically for both indoor and outdoor paint projects. However, the Wagner Flexio 570 and 590 are ideal for small-scale home-improvement projects whereas Flexio 890, 970 and 990 are recommended for comparatively large-scale professional projects.

Speed Variations

The speed control in Wagner Flexio 570 is only two-fold: high and low. On the other hand, the Wagner 590 offers 10 different speed variations. The rest of the products mentioned here use either a trigger or an automated feed, so you can adjust the speed on them to your preference.

Pattern Flow Adjustment

With Wagner 890 you can adjust your flow pattern into three directions- horizontal, vertical or circular/round. However, the Wagner Flexio 570, 590, 970 and 990 all have only two-directional pattern control mechanism- the traditional horizontal and vertical.

This feature gives Wagner Flexio 890 an upper hand in terms of flexibility and versatility of paint patterns.

Air Pressure & Material Flow

The way you can control the air pressure and material flow in these sprayers also vary model to model. For example, almost every product includes a variable flow control trigger attached to the sprayer but the Wagner Flexio 970 and 990 has a pattern adjustment ring which can be rotated to change the pattern or nozzle shape. This gives the user a much-needed grip and detailed control.

The 970 uses a spray width lever which lets you make broad or narrow patterns as well. Flexio 890 and 970 operate using a stationary base connected with a hose. In Wagner 890 paint goes from the unit to the sprayer using this hose while 970 uses a peristaltic pump as a direct feed. The Wagner 990, however, uses a direct attach container that directly feeds paint from can. With the rest, you have to refill the container as paint runs out.

In terms of air pressure control and material flow management Wagner Flexio 890, 970 and 990 seem perfect fit for every operation. They use less energy and can perform longer periods of time.

Wagner Flexio 590 vs 570

The Wagner 570 and 590 have some basic features pertaining to the Wagner Flexio line. For example, both incorporate HVLP technology and X-boost turbine, which is the latest version of the previous two-staged turbines. These help them both to use thick and thin materials and can complete both indoor-outdoor projects.

Their range of materials is almost identical and they deliver almost the same performance.

The things they are competing against is price, speed, dispersion rate and their ability to perform delicate paint jobs.


No matter how much you like a products’ feature, the money is gonna be the ultimate determinant of your purchase. Since the Wagner Flexio 590 has some advanced features, it’s only natural that it will cost you more than the Wagner Flexio 570.


Speed means the rate at which paint leaves your sprayer onto the surface. Wagner 570 and Wagner 590 are both equipped with HVLP X-boost turbine.

But with the 570 model, you can only change to either high speed or low speed whereas in the Wagner 590 model you can change the speed in multiple directions. That is because the 590 model has a flow control trigger feature at the handle. This trigger lets you control the speed in Wagner 590 in not one or two but TEN directions which the 570 model lacks.

Dispersion Rate

Dispersion rate matters. This indicates how long it will take to cover a surface in a given time. No one likes to lag around a paint sprayer all day just to be done halfway through a big wall or ceiling!

The Wagner Flexio 570 has a dispersion rate of 7.2 gallons per hour while the Wagner Flexio 590 can dispense 8 gallons of material in one hour. The difference may look subliminal on the outside but it can be a big deal if you’re dealing with huge surfaces.

Nozzle Variety

The nozzles at the front are another important part of these products. The nozzles are in a sense the last check post between the paint and the surface. Wagner Flexio 570 has only type of Nozzles- namely iSpray Nozzles. These nozzles are capable of producing semi-thin or thick patterns but they are not suited for trims, cabinets or anywhere where you’ll need precision.

That’s when Wagner Flexio 590 scores. The 590 model has both iSpray nozzle for thick patterns and a Detailed Finish nozzle for trims or similar narrow spaces which makes these products even handier and more versatile.

Wagner Flexio 890 vs 590

Frankly, there aren’t many differences between the 590 and 890 model of the Flexio line except for some small performance issues. Both include an iSpray nozzle and a Detailed Finish nozzle. Both are usable with indoor-outdoor materials and incorporate high-volume low-pressure X-boost turbine which dispenses both thick and thin materials with ease.

The things that they differ in are their price, dispersion capacity and pattern variations:


Like the previous one, here also advanced technology means extra money. The Wagner Flexio 590 is more affordable than Wagner Flexio 890 because the latter one features qualities that make it more user-friendly.

However, if you’re short on budget then don’t worry because both of them gives equal performance nonetheless.

Dispersion Capacity

The Wagner Flexio 890 is pricier because it uses more power to complete the job and cover a large surface in short amount of time. Though 590 is 10 times faster than ordinary sprayers, it is no match for the Flexio 890 model which lets you work on large surfaces without continuous refilling.

The stationary base adjacent to the 890 model also prolongs your paint-jobs by reducing hand fatigue and mobility issues.

Pattern Variations

You can only have vertical or horizontal pattern flow with the Wagner Flexio 590 model. But the 890 model lets you paint in vertical, horizontal and circular patterns which means it has more surface options than the 590 model.

Wagner Flexio 890 vs 990

Wagner Flexio 890 and 990 have tough competition between each other for several reasons. They both offer high-quality performance in a short time and use the same amount of electricity to operate.

Powered by HVLP X-boost turbine, they share basic similarities i.e. iSpray Nozzle and Detail Finish Nozzle, three directional pattern control and ability to control the air and material flow. Lightweight, easy to clean and store are just few of their many basic features.

However, they also tend to have some dissimilarities that may help you differentiate and choose which one’s ideal for you.


The Flexio 990 and 890 have very similar features but they differ in some additional spraying performances that make the 990 more desirable than 890.

The Wagner 890 is made for both indoor and outdoor projects and can complete smaller jobs with ease. But the Wagner 990, having a 25ft long hose, is quite difficult to use in smaller projects. But the 990 is ideal for outdoor or 2-storey long surfaces.

Since 990 offers some commercial-grade performance, you have to pay a little extra than what you’d have for the 890 model.

Refill System & Hose Size

Refilling paint while on the project can be tedious. The Wagner Flexio 890 has a stationary base system lying on the ground connected to an 11.5ft hose. The paint gets refilled using the hose. It allows you to spray longer without hand or muscle fatigue and saves you the trouble of emptying the can and pouring paint every single time.

The 990 model, on the other hand, has a direct feed system attached to the sprayer that eliminates the need of a stationary base. You can refill the sprayer directly from the paint can. Now that’s even more convenient while working on big projects.

The hose connecting the sprayer to the can is 25ft long, that means you can reach a 2-storey building using this amazing product.

Air Pressure and Dispersion Rate

The Wagner Flexio 890 uses an air pressure of 3psi while Flexio 990 uses 4psi. Not much of a difference but even this small feature makes the 990 faster and smoother than Wagner Flexio 890.

Wagner 890 dispenses materials at 0.14GPM while Wagner Flexio 990 dispenses 0.15GPM. These two features are important because together they determine the quality of you work and the time it’ll take to finish the job.


Q. How should I clean or refill the sprayer?

Ans: Clean up in the Flexio series is very easy- all you have to do is disassemble the parts and use soapy water in case you’re using latex paint. If you’re using oil-based paints or unthinned stains then just some mineral water rinsing will do.

Q. Do I need a separate paint holder for this?

Ans: It’s very rare that you do. Because Flexio models offer direct paint feed mechanisms and some come with 1-1.5 quart plastic containers attached with the model.

Q. Can I use this with epoxy paint?

Ans: Not an ideal choice for epoxy paints.

Q. Can I use unthinned primers and latex with these sprayers?

Ans: You certainly can. X-boost turbine lets unthinned latex paint application a breeze.


If you want our verdict on the new Wagner Flexio paint-sprayer series, we’d ask you to go for Wagner Flexio 890 as it stand in the midline of being a too professional-grade sprayer like the Wagner 970 and 990 and being a too home-based equipment like the Wagner 570 and 590.

However, if smaller jobs, less pay and one or two times of use is what you’re looking for, then opt for Wagner Flexio 570 and 590. The choice entirely depends on your preference and task quality. Most people think spending on a spray gun is a waste of money so they buy ‘whatever’ and regret later.

Paint sprayers do a lot then they are given credit for. We hope our review has helped you decide which one you should be investing in.


  • Can dispense unthinned, thick materials
  • Offers various levels of speed control and pattern variations
  • Air pressure can be controlled using simple mechanism
  • Lightweight, perfect for longer periods of work.
  • Easy Lock-n-Go technique ensures safety and efficiency
  • iSpray and Detail Finish nozzle is used for both broad and precise application


  • Not ideal for large-scale professional grade paint spraying
  • Products can be a bit expensive
  • Cleaning latex or unthinned materials can be tricky
  • Some complain about its ability to paint trims, cabinets
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